Stranger Things Gifts Trendy Bracelets Themed Bracelet ST Merchandise Alphabet Jewelry Light Eleven Demogorgon Bangle Halloween Cosplay Costume



Stranger Things Bracelet-This colorful bangel bracelet with charms:26 alphabet letters, flower,11, blue orange,demogorgon,they looks exactly like in the movie, right color, same pattern. This is a very nice item for cosplay of collection, great gift for for women girls.

This Alphabet Light Wall Monster premium jewelry gives attractive look which definitely capture’s your friends’ attention.

Movie fan or collector of Stranger Things TV serial and if you really want to take your fandom further, there is no doubt that this is the costume prop you want to enhance your look!

Costume jewelry merchandise collection for women teen girls, It has beautiful and fashionable TV series accessories design allows it’s you to stand out with their distinguished fashion sense.

This Things stranger merchandise bracelet lovely and elegant charms with screen-accurate design are made of durable material to make it lasts longer.

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