Sententia Jewelry Handmade Adjustable String Evil Eye Bracelet Kohls Jewelry Bracelets



MEANINGFUL: Wearing an evil eye as an amulet is believed to provide protection against evil forces. As a protective symbol, the evil eye, wards against evil and protects the wearer from harm. Evil eye design traditionally associated with warding off misfortune and to protect injury or bad luck and brings good fortune and helps to keep a healthy life.

BLUE STRING: Blue is linked with eternity, the beyond, supernatural beauty, and religious transcendence. Blue represents our spiritual and mental side and helps contrast the emotional and physical. It also symbolizes detachment from earthy things and desires.

STURDY AND EASY TO ADJUST: Strong string has an adjustable closure for a secure fit and cannot be untied easily. It can adjust to any wrist size just in a second. The braided strap accented rose gold with zircon stone which is great quality and very durable.

%100 HANDMADE: All of them braided by experienced workers. Every piece of the bracelet is carefully designed and built for you. Each bracelet is quality-controlled after the production.

HOW TO CARE: Protecting your handmade jewelry before it gets damaged or dirty is the key to its longevity. Please be aware of wearing your handmade jewelry when swimming, sunbathing or in the shower, when cleaning with harsh chemicals or when doing strenuous activities that produce excessive sweat. Also, be aware when lifting or pushing heavy items, wrists bend and flex which could wreak havoc on handmade jewelry.

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