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TIRED OF BUYING CHEAP LOOKING PLATED CHAINS? Look no more; This beautiful 24K Gold Overlay 14mm Cuban Link Necklace is gorgeous; It looks and feels like solid gold and is sold at a fraction of the cost; Perfect gift for your loved one. Chains have been tested and they are NICKLE, LEAD and ALLERGY FREE so your skin is safe with our chains

?THINK ABOUT THIS, YOU CAN BUY AN EXPENSIVE SOLID GOLD CHAIN, but thats an investment; Gold coin would be a better investment, Would you wear your expensive Real solid gold chain anywhere at any time? Not likely; If you did, it could be life threatening in some situations; So whats the point of owning a solid gold chain if you cant wear it Freely or you have to hide it in some places smh?

WE GOT YOUR BACK; You not only save money for more important things in your life, but you can wear our jewelry anytime anywhere without risk of loss or theft; Buy ours ONCE and if ANY DAMAGE OR WEAR occurs( 3-7 years), well replace it for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FREE; No gimmick, THIS IS TRUE; So thank us later. (Wink)

??UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY ONLY WITH HOLLYWOOD JEWELRY; We just explained it above, but its worth repeating; Enjoy life, have fun, pursue your dreams; LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and just know that you are covered; There are plenty of things to worry about but not your jewelry there is nothing like having a peace of mind. This is the perfect gift this holiday season – remember it looks weighs and shines like real solid gold. Only a testing kit will tell and which friends walk around with kids r

WE ARE A SMALL BUSINESS; We are real people who use our own products every day; We expect the best for our families and want the same for yours; There is no excuse for poor quality products thats why we welcome any messages if you arent happy so we can fix it right away of refund you 100%. We believe if we make u happy you will recommend other people or return for more so we strive to make your buying experience exceptional. Gift your loved once with confidence this Christmas

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