Matter Inspiration Mantra Bangle Adjustable Cuff Engraved Bracelet Sliver Mucers Black Danni And Luca Bracelets



Elegant engraved inspirational bracelets for women, the bracelet is engraved on front with Black Lives Matter.

This open cuff made of solid, well-polished Stainless Steel

Open design fits most wrist sizes, you can bend the cuff a little to open and close it on your wrist and it will stay in the shape you need.

Gorgeous Gold Finish C Ideal for friendship bracelets or thoughtful jewelry for someone special in your life our inspirational and empowering bracelets come in a vibrant cold color to remind you that you shine bright and are endlessly valuable.

Comfortable, Adjustable Band Design C Each inspire bracelet boasts a wraparound cuff shape that makes it easier to push together to fit your exact wrist size. This makes it more comfortable to wear at work, traveling, or throughout the day.

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