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WWJD?A remind of Jesus’s love and what he would do in a situation or scenario. Are you about to make a life changing decision and don’t know what to do or if it’s right? Are you going through a situation that feels as though it’s out of your hands? That’s what this bracelet is for. To remind you to stop and think, what would Jesus do.

This WWJD cuff is a kind of blessing catholic meaningful and faithful christ religion jewelry. Gift for keeping the faith and perspective, choose a special bible verse for every day wear or major life events! Or, give to someone who simply needs a pick-me-up and a little encouragement, faith and love.

Material: copper and zircon, they are lead free and nickel free.

Size: infinity heart cross charm: 3.5cm (1.38 inch) * 2.5cm (0.98 inch), cross bangle inner diameter: 6.3cm (2.48 inch) * 5.1cm (2 inch).

The WWJD cross bracelet will arrive in a velvet bag, perfect gift for mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriend, grandma, and so on.

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