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Cancer Survivor Gift – The keychain reads:She has been broken. She has been defeated. She has felt the pain that most couldn’t handle. But yet, she never runs. She never hides. And she always find a way to get back up.She is unbreakable.She’s a Warrior.She’s you. There are nine out of ten misfortunes in life. Don’t give up, don’t compromise, believe that you can overcome everything.

Fuck cancer cuff bangle ,best gift for Cancer Fighter.

Item Size: Keyring Diameter :30mm, Pendant Size: 30 * 30mm.

It is made from high-quality stainless steel polished on all sides. Stainless steel won’t tarnish or rust!

Perfectly packaged in the premium quality packaging ,this provides a great place to keep this lovely jewelry safe or make it a fantastic gift to give.

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