Hummingbirds Cuff Bracelet Sympathy Memorial Jewelry Gift She TGBJE Womens Diabetic Bracelets



?The loss of a loved one, whether sudden or expected, can be a difficult trial.Now She Flies With Hummingbirds.flying with no worries, hurt or pain. This memorial bracelet gift will give comfort to your special someone struggling through a loss.Aztecs wore hummingbird talismans, both artistic representations of hummingbirds and fetishes made from actual hummingbird parts: emblematic for their vigor, energy, and freedom.

?Sympathy Gift for Her -This gift of a hummingbird bracelet will bring you comfort, hope and strength. We love the people will always be in our hearts, we love her forever, bless her forever.

?Measurement:5mm. TIPS: Manual measuring permissible error.

?Material – Stainless Steel:don’t tarnish, don’t rust, and don’t change color.It is lead free and nickel free.

?It comes with a velvet pouch,ready for gifting.

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